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Build dylib on Mac os x

Jacob Pan

Write a dylib

gcc -dynamiclib foo.c -o libfoo.dylib
gcc main.c -L. -lfoo -o main

To specify a install_name of a dylib, use -install_name in gcc

gcc -dynamiclib foo.c -install_name  -o libfoo.dylib

The install_name of dylib will be write in main


show all dylib

otool -L <executable>

Check all the dylib linked in main, where the install_name of a dylib is the path where main links the dylib.


otool -L main

show the id of dylib

otool -D <dylib>

Check the install_name of a dylib


otool -D libfoo.dylib

change the id of dylib

install_name_tool -id <new name> <dylib>

Change the install_name_tool of libfoo.dylib to ../libfoo.dylib


install_name_tool -id ../libfoo.dylib libfoo.dylib 

Change the path where executable find the dylib

install_name_tool -change <old value> <new value> <executable>


install_name_tool -change ../libfoo.dylib ../../libfoo.dylib main

NOTE: One more method, if install_name of a dylib is not corret, setting the environment variable $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the path where the dylib is can let executable find the dylib successfully. More info can see man dyld.

More info see mac/dylib.

libnet Compling from source

brew install automake libtool doxygen libdnet

Use build process from the source of libnet for instance.

1. Find the top source direction with .configure

./configure --prefix=<where you want to install>

2. check if Makefile here

make install

3. Done!

Generally the the install_name of libnet.dylib will be set properly.

Use the method above configure, make, make install with libnet-1.2-rc3.tar.gz (recommand)

Or use the method show in BUILD-FROM-GIT.txt

Jacob Pan ( jacobpan3g.github.io/ )